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CHEKERE was born in 2007. It is the new face of World music. CHEKERE offers a unique blend of Afro-Cuban and Brazilian rhythms mixed with Jazz and Funk, forming an African Roots Jazz.

Yvette Summers collaborates with the Cuban trumpeter, producer, composer, arranger, Luis Eric Gonzalez. Born in Matanzas Cuba, Luis Eric Gonzalez is a graduate of the Institute of Arts in Havana and has performed with some of Cuba’s most prestigious artists including Celia Cruz and Cachao.

CHEKERE was born in 2007. It is the new face of World music. CHEKERE offers a unique blend of Afro-Cuban and Brazilian rhythms mixed with Jazz and Funk.


Yvette Summers is a musicologist, percussionist, dancer, and vocalist who has worked with Grammy Award Winning artists Herbie Hancock, Bill Summers, and Los Hombres Calientes.  Yvette’s impressive résumé credits some of the best musical masters.

Her exotic and sensual dancing and singing will uplift your spirits and make you feel good. Having studied African Spirits songs and dance with Maestro Lazaro Galarraga and Martha Galarraga of “Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba” Yvette became deeply rooted in African culture and became alive. She fell in love with learning about her ancestors realizing that she came from Kings & Queens and want to share it with the world.

Yvette collaborates with the Cuban trumpeter, producer, composer, arranger, Luis Eric Gonzalez born in Matanzas Cuba. A graduate of the Institute of Arts in Havana and has performed with some of Cuba’s most prestigious artists including Celia Cruz and Cachao.

Yvette Summers finds the way to make every activity become love.  She exemplifies a loving spirit through performances and workshops.  Yvette Summers has inspired many people across all walks of life.

In 2010, Ms. Summers co-produced along with Coach Betty the “Living an Organic & Orgasmic Life” Live in Paris France, a performance of music, dance, and conversation that was musically rich and culturally diverse.

Yvette has traveled many places around the world collecting smiles. While having tea parties and sharing some of her favorite artists’ creations. Understanding that a Smile is the Universal language and found plenty of Joy in this communication.

She has self published a great coffee table book to enjoy smiles of people from all over the world! The photos were taken by Yvette Summers’ MAGICAL camera a Lumix Panasonic on her travels to the United States, Belgium, Paris, Mexico, and Austria. Yvette’s smiles are online.





Luis Eric Gonzalez, born in Matanzas Cuba, started playing trumpet at the age of seven. Luis is a graduate of the Institute of Arts in Havana Cuba, and also has several years of formal classical training. In Cuba, he performed and recorded not only with Cuban top popular bands, but also for operas, ballets, radio and documentary films.
Luis has been establishing his musical career in the United Sates since 1997. He was the musical director for Celia Cruz (The Queen of Salsa). He has toured and recorded and performed with artists such as: Don Henley, Gloria Estefan, Raul Malo, Lou Vega, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Tito Nieves, Eric Benet, Carl Thomas, Son by 4, Juan Gabriel, Armando Manzanero, Joan Sebastian (Two time Grammy Winner), Jill Scott, Angelique Kidjo, Andy Garcia. Presently he is performing with Jamie Fox Band and Jane Chang Chinese Pop Star.

While he enjoys touring and recording with various Artists, he is also a seasoned composer, arranger and producer. He established his own production company, Azulu Music Productions. Luis arranges and composes various styles such as: Latin Pop, Jazz, Salsa, R&B, Classical and Rock. He has done arrangements for artists such as: Raul Malo, Lou Vega, Eliades Ocho – Buena Vista Social Club (Grammy Winner). He has also done commercial arrangements for Carls Jr. and Nissan. You may also hear Luis’s music on the movie soundtracks Hot Chick and Original Sin.

Luis’s desire is to take Azulu Music Productions to a level, which will allow him the opportunity to exercise his full range of abilities.

Performing Credits

Celia Cruz, Musical Director
Los Illegales, Musical Director
Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine Israel “Cachao” Lopez
Don Henley
Lou Vega
Eric Benet
Juan Gabriel
Raul Malo
Tito Nieves
Gilberto Santa Rosa
Son by 4
Willy Chirino
Jose Feliciano
Joan Sebastian
Rick Trevino
Jazz on the Latin Side
Jamie Foxx
Jane Chang
Andy Garcia
Jill Scott
Macy Gray


Lou Vega World Tour 2000
Don Henley United States 2001
Joan Sebastian World Tour 2003-06 Juan Gabriel World Tour 2008/09
Andy Garcia Cienson Europe Tour 09-10 Jane Chang China Tour 10/11

Workshops and Clinics

Cal State L.A.
Cuban Music conference
Guest Speaker


2002 Latin Grammys
Americano Hosted by:
James Edward Olmos, Featured Motown Live
Premio Lo Nuestro


Nissan Carls Jr.
Sears Albertsons
Michael Jackson Nelly Furtado

Movie Soundtracks

Hot Chick
Producer/Composer Original Sin


Graduate of the Institute of Arts Havana Cuba


Eliades Ochoa, Buena Vista Social Club (Grammy Winner) Lou Vega
Raul Malo
Cuba L.A.
Armando Mansanero
The President
Jill Scott
Angelique Kidjo
Joan Sebastian–Que Amarren a Cupido (Grammy Winner)
Joan Sebastian-Live-Auditorio Nacional Mexico (Grammy Winner)

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